Motorcycles, some build their own.


With the kind of stretch needed to reach the handlebars it looks like the carbs would leave a Hickey or two somewhere between the nips and the junk.

4 thoughts on “Motorcycles, some build their own.

      1. It is the name of a company that manufactured conduit benders. It is like the difference
        between a Crescent wrench and a generic adjustable wrench. Of course, I understood
        your reference. I have had a number of hickeys mostly on my neck. I made the mistake
        of not capitalizing the word Hickey. You were referring the six sucking open carbs. I was
        making the case that a serious design flaw with this build was not bending and extending
        the handlebars back to eliminate the flaw.

        I am a lifelong plastering equipment, air and gas compressor, gas compressor, and
        vacuum pump mechanic, Millwright, industrial maintenance mechanic and industrial
        electrician. That makes me an old fart and as I stated in my post, only an electrician
        would understand what a Hickey bender was.

        PS Women really love “marking” their men!


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