…And They’re Red Ones Too!

When little Johnny was 8, he got under mom’s foot as she cleaned house one day. In a flash of frustrated inspiration she said “Johnny, you want to be a construction worker when you grow up, right? Why don’t you go watch them build the house across the street? You might learn something. And stay out of their way. OK?” So off Johnny goes.

Before dinner Johnny returns home and promptly starts getting in her way while she prepared dinner. So mom sets johnny on the counter and tells him to tell her what he learned over there.

So Johnny tells her. “First you put up a Goddamn door and the motherfucker won’t fit. So you have to take the son of a bitch down and shave a red cunt hair off the side. Of course then it’s looser than Mary on payday. So you’ll then have to use some wedges and shims to make the door fit tight as a teen pussy.”

After picking up her jaw, mom sends Johnny on to his bedroom to wait for his dad to get home. A short time later Johnny’s dad comes in. They both sit on the bed, heads hung “Johnny, your mom wants me to ask what you learned today.”

“Aw dad, do I have to? Mom didn’t like it.”

“Yeah I know son, let’s just get this over with.”

After repeating the story his dad said “Son, that kind of language is not acceptable. You know this, we’ve been over this before.”

“Yes dad we have. I’m sorry, really really sorry!”

“I know son, but I think you should go out back and get me a switch.”

“A switch? Yeah fuck you that’s the electrician’s job.”

One thought on “…And They’re Red Ones Too!

  1. I have a 6″ pocket scale calibrated in cunt hairs. I counted the lines and they are 1/64 of an
    inch. Look it up using the keyword chruler. They are cheap and they can be found on eBay.

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