What Day Is It?

Trump Day2

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un had an international news conference.

Putin spoke at length about how Russia was the first nation to send a man into space!”

Trump said, “We were the first first nation to send man to the moon to the moon and bring them back to earth!”

Kim Jong-un said, “North Korea will be landing a man on the sun within 10 years!”

“But the sun is thousands of degrees Celsius. You can’t even get within 10 million miles of the sun you’ll burn up!” said Trump.

Kim replied “We will land at night.”

Back in Washington, Nancy Pelosi and her staff were watching the news conference. When Pelosi heard Kim’s remarks about the sun landing, she sneered, “What an idiot – everybody knows there’s no sun at night.” Her staff broke into thunderous applause.

Trump Day1

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