My Shit’s Fucked Up Redux.

On Sunday, August 5 I broke my right leg on the second day of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. I was riding home and had one block to go, as I passed in front of the new “Harley Davidson Rally Point, on the recently named Harley Davidson Way (formerly second street) a huge buffarilla with a greasy turkey leg in one hand and a greasier electronic lobotomy in the other, decided to jaywalk across the street directly in front of me to the Rally Point where a live band was playing. Apparently it’s more important to concentrate on your texting than it is to watch where the fuck your going. I didn’t want an huge ugly buffarilla dent on my bike so I swerved to avoid catastrophe, or so I thought. My right leg got caught between the curb and the bike . . . the leg lost. The buffarilla fled the scene and disappeared into the crowd.

As I started to get up some guy said “DON’T MOVE, and as I turned to tell him I was OK he told me “it’s not arterial.” With eyes wide open I looked down and I saw the bottom of my right foot rotated about 120 degrees sideways up and to the right and blood on my shoe, fortunately I was not wearing boots because they would have cut it off. I got the bloody shoe back in a biohazard bag, and the hospital lost the left shoe. I thought that my leg should really hurt, but it didn’t, it was still tangled up in the bike and I wanted to get my leg out. They kept telling me not to move and I kept asking them to get me out of the bike before I got blood on it. When they finally got my leg free I sat up and when I looked down my foot was 90 degrees to the right of my leg and I couldn’t move it.

Sturgis makes a lot of money during bike week. $1.29 million in sales tax from temporary vendors at the rally plus vendor fees, taxi and towing fees from companies outside Sturgis who pay a fee that authorizes them operate within city limits during the rally. Now add the taxes collected by year round business like restaurants, hotels, campground and bars…

I told you that so I could tell you this. My next thought was what about the bike, I have seen Sturgis P.D. put bikes on a hook and haul them to the impound lot, $200.00 for the tow plus daily storage fees. Bikers to the rescue. They had the bike up on the side stand and aside from a little road rash it was fine. I told them that I lived in Sturgis in the apartment building a block away, I told them about the towing BS and asked them if someone could please move the bike to the parking lot behind the building before the Sturgis PD got there and told them they couldn’t. So many bikers wanted to help that there were actually enough of them to carry it and they got ‘er done before Officer Obie showed up.

When Officer Obie arrived he looked at my leg and confirmed that EMT was necessary. I told him what happened and he asked “Where’s The Bike?” Grinning from ear to ear I said “my friends took it home for me.” Officer Obie started the “leaving the scene of the accident” lecture, I smiled and said “I didn’t leave, I’m still here!” then told him about the buffarilla. After dodging his  exactly where is the bike questions for a few minutes the paramedics arrived and asked the Officer Obie to “please let us do our job.” They looked at the leg, put splint it and I did not like that, it hurt! Sturgis Regional Hospital was very busy so we were redirected to Spearfish Regional about 17 miles east. The EMT’s asked me if I wanted anything for pain, and I asked Officer Obie for a bullet to bite on.

At the hospital it took two nurses and the doctor, what seemed like an hour, to position my foot to get the x rays and I didn’t like that either, it was pretty bad and I got bumped to the front of the line. They started to prep me for the O.R. and the next thing I knew I woke up to find this.20180807_193652The guy I bumped was in the room right next to me.

If I they had given me a wheelchair I would have pushed myself home. It took five days to get them release me.

Bikers to the rescue again. The CMA (Christian Motorcycle Association) was providing comfort services to hospitalized bikers visiting Sturgis for the rally. They visited me every day and took me back to Sturgis when I was discharged.

This picture was taken at my first follow up visit a month later…myshitsfuckedup.they removed the temporary cast and put me in a fiberglass cast and told me to return in a month.

This picture was taken at my second follow up last week:myshitsfuckedup

Three of the 12 screws are broken, the bottom two screws are side by side but you can see two ends on the left of where 4 screws intersect on the x-ray. The P. A. report described a “hardware failure. ‘ They sent me home and told me to return in a month!

I honestly expect the P. A. to take another X-ray and tell me to come back in another month. I’m contemplating what to do if thats what happens and if I should contact a larval politician!

I don’t have proper insurance for most of this and have been busy working on just how I am going to pay the bills I’ve incurred. This is why I  have not posted for a few days.

4 thoughts on “My Shit’s Fucked Up Redux.

  1. i have eight of ten screws in my foot broken. because bone healing/growth overstresses the screws. be very thankful you did not manage to stand up at the scene. wouldn’t have been a good thing at all. no matter what, remember it’s your leg,not theirs. don’t stress it if you don’t feel ready.

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    1. I’m 65 so I don’t see bone growth as an issue, but at my age it does take longer to recover. I’m 10 weeks post accident and my foot doesn’t look right, it looks like it is shifted about an inch to the right (outside) but well aligned pointing forward. May I ask your age and how long ago did you break your foot, and how long before you could put weight on the injured foot without or with tolerable pain. I got some Hydrocodone when I was discharged, when they were half gone I started breaking them in two, when I had 5 halves left I split those. I had a close friend addicted to Oxycontin and one day she didn’t wake up. I’m also recovering from a total right shoulder replacement on April 10th which makes it hard to be completely non weight bearing on the right leg.


  2. When they pull the screws out (another delightful and costly surgical procedure), make sure to ask to keep them. Look on your hospital bill/surgeons bill and you will see that they cost about $800 each (insurance money, pshaw!). Then take them to Habitat for Humanity and donate them, get a receipt and if you itemize your income tax deductions….there you go!


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