I’m Getting My Leg Fixed

I had surgery Friday morning to repair the shoddy job done when I broke my leg on August 5 2018

myshitsfuckedup.This is the break right after surgery.

myshitsfuckedupThis is one month later.

It got worse over time and I finally got a referral to an orthopedic surgeon in Rapid City.

20190109_142532This CT scan was done three weeks ago.

I’ll be back when I get back.

2 thoughts on “I’m Getting My Leg Fixed

  1. I got very good care right off the bat. had bits of both hips moved to the middle of the right foot and about three pounds of steel to replace shattered bone. managed to not have a bone infection which would have lost the entire leg.two surgeries and seven hours on the table later….I can walk again.
    never trust the bastards when they say the trail is clear.


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