Protesters in Iran set fire to Tohid Bandar Abbas Clinic where coronavirus patients are being quarantined.

Residents of the Iranian city of Bandar Abbas set fire to a hospital because people thought that patients with the coronavirus had been admitted there.

Rumour had it that the patients from another city had been transferred to the clinic to be quarantined. According to a spokeswoman for the hospital, these are lies, reports news channel al-Arabiya.

Hospital burned down in Iran for fear of coronavirus

According to the BBC, the number of deaths in Iran due to the coronavirus has risen to 210. The Persian service of the British public broadcaster relies on hospital sources for accuracy.

According to BBC Persian, most of the victims were in the capital Tehran and the city of Qom. That figure is almost five times higher than the official balance sheet. After all, the authorities speak of 43 deaths and 593 cases of infection in the country.

The spokesperson for the Iranian Ministry of Health states that “the ministry is transparent” and that “the BBC is spreading lies”.


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