The Pussy Tree

Once upon a time there was this man who found a super special vagina seed. He planted this seed and twenty years later he was growing an orchard of the nicest pussy trees in the land. People would come from far and wide to see such a magnificent sight. He had many years of peace and prosperity. Every year the man got a little older, until one day he decided that he could no longer take care of his orchard. He finally decided to let his daughter take over the beautiful vagina orchard. The man gave her only one condition ” Never use this beautiful orchard for greed. It is for people to enjoy”.

The next day the old man died and the daughter took over the orchard. It was not long before she started to see the money to be made at the orchard. She brought in a group of specialists to tell her how to get the best bang for her buck. She put in a parking garage, a restaurant, and a vagina gift shop. So much money was coming in, She was soon the richest woman in the land, but something started to happen to the pretty trees. The trees started to shrivel and the vaginas started to stink. Slowly but surely the pussys turned into turds. People no longer wanted to come to the orchard just to see a mound of smelly shit dripping off the trees. Finally the daughter went bankrupt and had to sell her father’s once beautiful orchard.

Which brings me to the moral of the story;

If you let a greedy cunt run your cunt tree, your cunt tree is going to turn to shit.